Friday, January 11, 2013

Rant #881: Shedding Bras and Panties

No, this post has nothing to do with strippers, but some might think it does.

The Lingerie Football League is no more.

Well, not entirely no more, but the league is shedding its image.

I will bet many of you didn't even know that such a league existed, but it has been around for the past few years.

It featured scantily clad girls playing football, and was supposed to titillate the masses, or at least masses of men who had nothing better to do than to watch this type of thing.

The league didn't really prosper, but it did survive, somehow. I think it had some off and on pay per view events which maybe made them some money. I know there was a team that played at the Nassau Coliseum for a brief time, but I couldn't tell you much else.

Anyway, the specially designed bras and panties are done with.

The league announced that it was rebranding itself as the Legends Football League, or something like that.

It was going to drop the titillation for something it feels is more valid: girls playing football.

Really playing football.

Yes, you won't see those bras and panties anymore if you watch this stuff.

Participants will be wearing real equipment, and will be playing for real. Logos will be changed to reflect the new direction.

It's the next step in the globalization of football, according to the league.

Yup. I will bet it is.

Women's football has been around for ages, but what the original Lingerie Football League did was mush this concept together with professional wrestling, where divas prance around in specially made, but very revealing, costumes as they pummel each other in the ring.

Here, the same thing happened, but on the gridiron.

And, of course, the payback to the males who watched this stuff was that you got to see a lot of the participants, if you know what I mean.

Personally, I don't think people will buy this. Without the bras and panties, this is just another women's football league, and probably another failure.

The bras and panties set this league apart, but honestly, does anybody really watch this stuff, anyway? The league claims to have played to sellout crowds, but heck, they themselves are something of a sellout, so what do they exactly mean?

Maybe if you are a die-hard football fan who is participating in a bachelor party or a frat party, but did anyone else try to buy into what the league was doing?

And why would anybody buy into it now?


  1. Good choice, but I prefer the one with James Caan versus the remake that was released a little while ago. Seriously, I can't see this thing working, and it will probably be filed with all-female Roller Derby as nothing more than a guilty pleasure for some people.



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