Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rant #884: This Is Funny?

This Rant is a virtual rerun of another Rant I did some time back, but I want to do it again because it is worth repeating.

Comedy today is horrible, it isn't funny, and well, it completely turns me off.

I would rather see somebody slip on a banana peel--now, that's funny--then the utter garbage that I hear and watch today.

Case in point: yes, CBS's "Mike and Molly," but I am going to add another sitcom into the mix, one that I finally watched, "2 Broke Girls."

Yes, William Paley is turning in his grave at these two shows. What happened to the so-called "Tiffany Network?" They stoop to this trash?

"Mike and Molly" I have watched off and on for the three years it has been on. It is about two very obese people, how they met, how they fell in love, and the dysfunctional family that they live with.

That would be fine and good, but in every episode, they go over the line in taste and decency, exploiting every stereotype, literally sucking the life out of every one of the show's characters.

And the jokes are so wretched, and so predictable.

They fall into just a few categories: fat, sex, drugs, a little more fat, a little more sex, and a little more drugs.

This past episode I watched had two, count 'em, two plots.

First, the two heavyset people--one a Chicago cop, the other a school teacher--decide they want to have children, so they start to change their eating habits.

Isn't that just hilarious?

All fine and good, but honestly, their lifestyle would have to change dramatically for this to work. Each needs to lose a lot of weight--the woman at least 50 pounds, the guy maybe 100--before this could even make a dent.

The other theme of the show is that the heavyset cop's sidekick--a skinny, weasley guy who lives with his grandmother--is being kicked out of his house because he has started to bring a succession of prostitutes into the house at night for to satisfy his own sexual pursuits.

Yes, this is supposed to be hilarious, too. Remember, this is a police officer we are talking about.

And they surround these two themes with constant references to drugs, this time both pot and mescaline.

Again, two of the main characters are police officers.

Sorry, to me, this scuzziness is not funny, not funny at all.

The other show is almost as bad. "2 Broke Girls" profiles two young girls--one sassy, one less so--that are pursuing their pursuits, if you will, whether it be business wise or in the sack.

This time, they win a prize to go to a pricey lodge for a weekend, and one of the girls talks herself into bringing her boyfriend, so one is going to be a third wheel one way or the other.

It ends up that each one of the trio somehow becomes the third wheel, and that is the end of the story.

However, the sexual joke quotient of this show is about 95 percent. Nothing else is talked about but sex, whether it is regular heterosexual sex or gay sex. It really doesn't matter with this show.

Heck, one girl is top heavy, the other skinny as a rail, and they go that joke route, too.

Again, this is what goes for funny today?

Look, I am definitely not a prude. I can go for lowbrow jokes as much as anyone.

But getting pounded on the head with this type of stuff is excessive, and it certainly isn't funny.

I like shows such as TV Land's "Hot in Cleveland," which have attractive, veteran casts that know how to pull this type of thing off. The writing is crisp, the stories are generally warm, the characters are well defined, and you can laugh with the characters, not at them.

These other shows are horrid, and I simply don't find them funny--not funny at all.

People rave about these shows. Please.

If this is what passes for funny nowadays, thank God I have stations like Antenna TV and Me TV.

Those shows are funny.

Sorry, but "2 Broke Girls" and "Mike and Molly," are not.

They are trash. Pure trash.

And their popularity clearly demonstrates that I don't think too many people know what "funny" is today.

We have all gone into the toilet, we really have.

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