Monday, January 21, 2013

Rant #887: King For a Day

Today is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day in most of the United States.

It is a day off for most people, but not me. 

I have never had the day off from work, and I mean never. 

It is a regular day of work for me, so if you have off, count your blessings that you do.

The day honors the Civil Rights leader, who was gunned down in 1968.

The day became a national holiday just a few years ago, and before that, it was celebrated individually by the states as they saw fit.

It is also supposed to be "A Day of Service," where if you aren't working, you are supposed to devote your time to a worthy cause.

Unfortunately, I have to work, so I am devoting my service time to my job so that I can put food on my family's table.

My wife is also working, so neither of us have the day off.

If I did, I am sorry, but it would be a day of rest for me. 

The Knicks annually play the "Martin Luther King Day" game at the Garden, and sorry, that is what I would be watching as I relaxed the day away.

I remember one of the greatest Knicks' MLK Day games, when Trent Tucker hit a shot with one-tenth of a second left to give the Knicks the win. That play sparked a change in how time is handled in the NBA, and with today's rules, there would have been no way he could have hit that shot in the current game.

As it is, I guess I will have to keep tabs on the game while I am at work.

Other people will be spending the day devoting their time to service, and I know that plenty of people will be shopping today.

Sales, you know.

I believe Dr. King was scheduled to visit my old neighborhood, Rochdale Village, way back when, but he never made it to us.

His assassination took the heart and soul out of my old neighborhood, and it really was never the same place again.

Some say that the world hasn't been the same since his death, and I would probably agree with that.

Bu his life, and his work, were certainly a stepping stone for this country having a black President. MLK's life didn't necessarily directly lead to this, but it certainly was one step in the process leading up to Barack Obama not only having the chance, but actually being our President.

And, not just because I have to work, but I think Dr. King would prefer that we worked today, rather than having the day off. 

That may just be me talking, but I think he frowned upon people not working hard to reach their goals.

Whatever the case, and whatever you are doing, have a great MLK day. 

If you need me, you know where to find me.

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