Monday, November 11, 2013

Rant #1,081: Birthday Aftermath

Everything went well on my wife's birthday.

She received her gifts--actually her other gifts--because I had already given her jacket to her earlier on.

Her family came over, and we went out to eat at a local fish restaurant.

My family only goes there on special occasions, because it is kind of pricey.

And yes, it was yesterday, but it was worth it, because the food was quite good.

Then we all came back to the house, and we had my parents over, too, and we had cake, and cake, and more cake.

I had so much to eat that it weighed me down to the point that I didn't make 8 p.m. last night, and neither did my wife.

We both fell asleep probably at about 7:30, but she got up to record "The Walking Dead," and then went right back to sleep.

So now, officially, at least on the surface, my wife is one year older than me.

Actually, she really isn't, just five and a half months older than me, but she was born in the year prior to the year I was born in, so, when somebody asks us how old we are, she is, in fact, older than me.

I remind her of that all the time, and yes, I get a nice look when I do that.

But she is young at heart, works out, makes sure what she eats is the right thing, and watches herself like a hawk.

Now, our month of celebrations continues ...

We have Thanksgiving and the first full day of Hanukkah on the same day, and we have my father's birthday right there too.

Yes, today is Veterans Day, where we celebrate all of our veterans of all of our conflicts, and during peacetime, for their bravery in protecting us, and I will celebrate today at work, writing about these very people.

And today, I honor my dad, who was in the Marines during the Korean War. My father in law was also a Marine during the period, and more recently, my brother in law was in the Navy.

But anyway, another happy birthday salute to my wife, my Rock of Girbraltar, the love of my life.

I may have just gotten her a winter jacket, but heck, she is worth at least all the winter jackets in the world to me ...

And so much more.

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