Friday, November 15, 2013

Rant #1,085: Of Godmothers and Godfathers ...

Heck, I thought that yesterday's post would get me in trouble with people who can't understand how I don't like chicken, but it was something else that apparently rankled the Facebook populace when I put up the daily notification of my blog for all to see.

I have godparents.

I am Jewish.

Evidently, to some, those two things do not mix.

I had no idea that they wouldn't, don't, or aren't supposed to mix.

But some Jews and non-Jews are bewildered by this, and further bewildered that being born in the 1950s, in particular, that I had godparents bestowed on me.

It is my understanding that godparents are an entirely ceremonial title in the Jewish community.

The title of godparent really means very little, basically being used to ensure the continued "Jewishness"or Jewish education of the child if due to some unforeseen occurrence, the actual parents cannot raise the child.

The godfather, in particular, may have a special place at the bris--yes, the "cutting" ceremony--but even that is disputed by some.

I am pretty sure that my uncle and aunt on my father's side of the family are my godparents.

Thank goodness that I never had to have them utilize their "godparents" title, and certainly now, at my age of 56, their possible godparent days are long gone.

I am the godfather of one of my nephews, and he is in his 20s, so he doesn't need me, either.

Some think that the godparents thing is very Christian, and not a Jewish thing at all.

And way before we, as a society, seemingly had a homogenization of the religions like we do today to an extent, way back in 1957, I was given godparents by my parents.

This rankles some, but to me, it is such a minor facet of my existence that I only brought it up to tell you about things you probably did not know about me.

Yes, my daughter has godparents--two women from two different families, if I remember correctly--heaven help us all!

My son has godparents too.

Godparents have as much influence on the rearing of their godchildren as Popeye had in the rearing of his nephews Pipeye, Poopeye and little Popeye, and there really is nothing more to say about the matter.

I guess there would be a story here if Marlon Brando had been my real godfather, but that was not meant to be.

Maybe he would have left me a horse's head in his will if he was my real godfather.

No, on second thought, that would not have been a good thing.

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