Friday, December 6, 2013

Rant #1,098: Look What I Found!

Don't you just wish that one day, you would find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Well, I do believe that someone has he potential to do just that, and it wasn't a pot of gold, it was a blunt of pot.

At a Wendy's in Lovejoy, Ga., a customer called 911 after finding a half-smoked joint inside her burger.

The woman who was given the burger became sick, the employee who said she misplaced her pot inside the burger was fired and was arrested for marijuana possession, and Wendy's reportedly offered to pay the ill woman's medical bills, and also gave her a $50 gift certificate.

Sorry, in this lawsuit-happy world, the person who was victimized by the out of joint joint should find a lawyer and sue for millions. Heck, all she wanted was a Wendy's hamburger, and she got much more than she bargained for.

This might be the situation she was waiting for her entire life.

She could tell a judge and jury that she was poisoned by the pot, and that she deserved the money because she was victimized.

Fast food places are traditionally a courthouse's best friend.

Remember all the lawsuits launched against these restaurants for one thing or another, such as their menu items making their kids fat?

How about the lawsuits that stemmed from people dumping hot coffee on themselves?

Better yet, how about the litigation that ensued when somebody found a sawed-off finger in one of their sandwiches?

These have all happened, and while most of the suits seemingly have been thrown out of court, you have to say that they have, at the very least, kept courtrooms busy.

Here, we have a true victim, someone who experienced food poisoning-like symptoms after devouring at least some of this burger/blunt hybrid, so maybe she has a case.

Others with less of a reason to sue went ahead with it, and at least tried to get extra money out of the fast food companies, and somehow, I don't think a gift certificate is going to placate this woman.

Yes, a pot of gold might be waiting for this person, or maybe, at the very least, a lifetime supply of hamburgers, or maybe even hair dye to make her hair as red as the Wendy's girl in the commercial.

Ah, I guess it was a pipe dream ...

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