Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Rant #1,100: A Snowy Milestone

This site reaches 1,100 entries as of today.

I think that is pretty good, don't you?

So many similar sites go down for the count pretty early, but this one keeps rolling along.

I know I don't have as many followers as, say, Perez Hilton, but hey, the ones that I have are very, very loyal.

I thank you for coming back to this site each and every day, or at least five days a week.

Thanks again.

Now onto the news of the day in this neck of the woods ...


It looks like we aren't going to be spared this time.

We haven't gotten much of anything. I know the rest of the country has gotten walloped several times already, and it isn't even officially winter yet.

But our time appears to be here.

We did get a little bit on the weekend, just for good measure, but today, we are supposed to get something.

It won't be what other areas have received, maybe from 2 to 6 inches I have heard.

But we are going to get it. It appears the meteorologists on TV and all the others are going to be correct this time.

The snow is supposed to come during the height of rush hour, about 8 a.m. The good thing for me is that I am already at work at that hour, so I won't have to worry much about my commute. My wife is also pretty much ensconced in work at that hour, and my son is already at school, so there are no worries there.

Of course, my parents will be stranded today. My father hasn't gone into work and is taking the day off in anticipation of this mess.

It is funny how your perception changes as you get older. And snow is where your perception changes the most.

As a kid, you love the white stuff. It really makes your environment into a winter wonderland.

As an adult, you absolutely hate it. You hate driving in it, cleaning it up, or experiencing it when it is really bad and you lose power.

I don't look forward to it, but it evidently is coming.

So on the day where this blog reaches its 1,100th post, all I can say is snow, at whatever rate, is coming, and I just can't wait to clean off my car and come home from work in this mess.

I hate it, I really do.

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