Monday, December 30, 2013

Rant 1,112: There IS Something To Watch On Television

I constantly lament throughout the year that there is nothing to watch on television.

I hate the new crap ... err ... crop of shows that come out each year, because they are pure trash, with a few exceptions.

I mean, does anyone admit at this point that they actually watch "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?"

Anyway, now that we are coming to the end of another year, various niche TV networks are putting their best foot forward, namely showing marathons of great past programs as we move from New Year's Eve into January 1.

Whether we are talking about "The Twilight Zone," "The Three Stooges" (not really a TV show, per se, but what other pre-TV series other than the "The Little Rascals" seemed to be almost made for TV?), or :"The Honeymooners," this is really TV at its best.

And all in black and white!

Was there a more sharp-edged series than "The Twilight Zone?" It spoke about things you couldn't talk about on TV at the time with a sci-fi perspective, and the writing and acting was top-notch.

Yes, the Stooges are pie in the face type humor, but heck, what is wrong with that? These shorts are, in some cases, 80 years old, and they are still funny. Will "The Big Bang Theory" still be funny in 2093?

And then we have Ralph, Alice, Ed and Trixie, probably TV's all-time best comedy troupe. They take minimalism to an extreme, but Jackie Gleason knew exactly what he was doing with this show, which appeals to the masses probably better than any other show in TV history. Everyone can sympathize and empathize with the Kramdens' and Nortons' plight, and we laugh along with them because, well, we are them, so to speak.

There are other marathons, and some feature more recent TV shows, but I think the three that I mentioned really encapsulate the good side of TV, giving us all something to watch on one of the calendar year's most overrated, over-saturated days.

Sure, it is fun to see the ball drop, I guess, but it's even more fun to see Ralph Kramden yell out to Alice, "You're the greatest," and then give her a big smooch, isn't it?

I pretty much go back and forth with the marathons, staying with one set for a few episodes and then moving on to the next set.

But of the mighty three, well, I can't pick my most favorite. They all have something that just gets to me.

So, have fun as we all prepare for the New Year.

I will have fun thinking about those shows, and how they at least get the New Year off on the right foot each and every year.

What happens for the next 364 days is anyone's guess, but at least it is perfect at the beginning.

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