Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rant #1,280: Random Thoughts

I actually had Labor Day off this year.

It was about the fifth or sixth time since 1996 that I had the day off.

It has to do with the publication schedule of the magazine that I write for, and this year, it is later, so I was able to take the day off like most people.

What did I do on Labor Day?

Pretty much nothing, but that was fine.

There is nothing like a day of rest and relaxation.

Heck, I haven't even been in my car for two days!

Anyway, back to work today, but at least I am somewhat refreshed.

One of the things I did yesterday was to go swimming in the backyard pool, something I haven't been able to do much this summer, since it has been such a cool couple of months.

But yesterday, I went in for about an hour, which I guess was pretty good.

I also barbecued, something I haven't done in a while, and the barbecue went well, certainly the best--and last--of the summer.

In between, I watched a lot of TV.

Cozi TV had a "Here's Lucy" marathon, and while that show is no "I Love Lucy," it does have its moments, and I saw a few of them yesterday.

What with a bevvy of guest stars, Lucie and Desi Jr., and the grand dame of comedy herself, it can't be all bad, but years after watching the show when it was originally on, the person who made that show tick is Uncle Harry, played by one of the great TV character actors, Gale Gordon.

He, like Lucy, was agreeable to do anything to get a laugh, and both of them did just that, whether it was running on a conveyor belt, getting hit with all sorts of objects in all sorts of places, or simply making facial gestures that are hilarious.

It is 100 percent clean comedy, and it is still funny after all these years.

Not "I Love Lucy" funny, but funny.

I also watched a good portion of the Mets' game yesterday.

Where Labor Day was a guaranteed baseball day in the past, it isn't anymore, and my Yankees, having a horrible season, had the day off, so I watched some of the Mets game.

It looked like a Little League contest, as the team made six errors and lost 9-6.

Although I didn't have a chance to watch it, I also noticed that MeTV has scheduled "That Girl" for Monday-Friday at 5 a.m. in the morning.

This is a good move, because in New York, "That Girl" reruns often were blacked out due to infomercials. Now we can actually see this groundbreaking show ourselves.

No show epitomized the mid to late 1960s female slant better than this show, a program which certainly paved the way for Mary Tyler Moore's groundbreaking show. Moore has said it herself.

And yes, the Moore show's classic opening was sort of an update of the "That Girl" opening, whether anyone wants to acknowledge that or not.

Anyway, Marlo Thomas plays Ann Marie, a fledgling actress with no money who lives in a cozy pad, wears the latest clothes of the day, and has a perfect boyfriend, Donald Hollinger, played to the hilt by Ted Bessell.

Marie gets in lots of situations, leans on her boyfriend a lot, but has one goal in life, and that is to be a successful actress.

Thomas was absolutely perfect for the role, the shows are funny, well written, and yes, due to some restrictions, jumps over certain situations with late 1960s panache ... but it is done so well you hardly notice.

I always loved this show, and now I can actually record it and watch it!

And, the smart people at MeTV put it right before "Make Room For Daddy," a show I could take or leave, so you basically have a Thomas family hour from 5 a.m. to 6 a.m. in the morning.

Anyway, I was beat at the end of yesterday, fell asleep during WWE Monday Night Raw, and proceeded into my bed and slept for the next seven hours.

Now it is off to work I go, and the madness continues.

Hope you had a good Labor Day, and I will speak to you again tomorrow.

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