Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rant #1,285: Solid State

There are reports out of the Middle East that there is a proposal on the table to create a Palestinian state--out of a large chunk of Egypt.

Supposedly, Israel has warmed up to the idea, and the United States backs such a plan.

It wouldn't involve Israel giving up any land, and would put the constant pain in their butts further away from them.

It would give the Palestinians their own homeland, where they could build up their infrastructure, build up their economy, and not be a threat to anybody.

One of the caveats is that they would be disarmed, and as they claim to be, they would live as civilized human beings.

One problem with this proposal is that Hamas, the ruling terrorist organization there, has supposedly rejected the proposal, once again highlighting the fact that they only exist to annihilate Israel.

In the past war that is under a lasting cease fire, it was clear from the outset that this rebel group existed only to destroy the Jewish state, sending out missiles with glee, taking them 100 fold in return, using its own people as human shields, and generally creating turmoil in the region, blindsided by the fact that Israel simply wasn't going to take it--and was going to do what it normally does when it is threatened, attack back.

Now with this proposal on the table, Hamas has something tangible to offer its people, but instead, it rejects it, certainly casting doubt on its vow to create such a homeland for its people.

Nobody really wants the Palestinians. They are not non-Jewish Israelis. They are actually Jordanian, and why has Jordan rejected them, forcing them on Israel?

Israel has provided the Palestinians almost full autonomy. They have their own government, many actually cross the border and work in Israel.

But the Israelis are smart people. Their technological infrastructure--phones, television, communications--are controlled by Israel, and that is why the Jewish state was so successful in intercepting communications during the recent war--they simply tapped into something that they created.

Many Palestinians rue the day Hamas took over, but can't say too much publicly or they will be removed from this earth. But reports are that many of the Palestinians don't like how Hamas is ruling their land and treating their own people.

It is clear that Israel wants peace, but not at the cost of its own people and own land and own lifestyle. They are warming up to the proposal simply because it will bring some sort of peace to the region.

The Egyptians have become master negotiators in the region, and if they suggest something, others in the region at least listen.

Let's hope that this proposal isn't shoved aside as it has been thus far. It is an interesting thing to think about, but if Hamas continues to reject it, then no one can give them any sympathy.

We know why they exist, but by their actions, they just put an exclamation point to it.

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