Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rant #1,292: To My Credit

Even though I am not the richest person in the world financially, I have managed to pay off two cars during the past two years.

If not for my accident, I would have been done paying off cars by this point.

Now, I have one outstanding car bill, and it is something I could have lived without.

But anyway, back to the cars I paid off ...

One was my former car, the one that got trashed in the accident in May.

The other is my daughter's car, which the both of us paid off together ... well, I paid for probably 75 percent of it.

Because of my wonderful history of paying off cars on time, and probably also due to the fact that I owe X amount of dollars on my new car, I have been inundated by the credit card companies with offers for their respective credit cards.

And when I get these things, they go right in the garbage.

I do not want any credit cards at this point or in the long term.

I have had them, they are enticing as all heck, they allow you to do things you couldn't do without them, but you know what, been there, done that.

I have had credit cards, but they are all gone now, and I do not want any more.

But the companies see my sterling history with cars, and they want me .... desire me ... crave me.

Well, they aren't going to get me this time around, or for that matter, ever.

But they inundate me with requests to sign up, each and every day ... no exaggeration.

One company, in particular, has probably sent me well over 200 requests during the past year, seemingly one every other day or so since I paid off my own car last year.

This has continued unabated now that I have paid off my daughter's car.

It really is ridiculous. Are the credit card companies that desperate to get me on their rolls?

Yes, they apparently are.

I have had some financial problems in the past, but everything is pretty much hunky dory now.

Yes, I have a large car bill each month, have some other bills that really rile the heck out of me, and the last thing I need is a credit card bill.

If I need to pay with a card, I use my debit card, using funds that I have accumulated to pay for things.

I do not use credit anymore, because it took me some time to learn that even though the world wants you to have a credit rating, and thus, accumulate money that you owe lenders, I don't want to owe anyone.

It is really a vicious cycle, but that is how the world is.

But I have tried to make my own personal world different, have done things to make it so, and I am satisfied, at the very least, where I am now.

So the companies can continue to send me these requests, and I can continue to feed my garbage pail with them.

I have earned the right to do that, and that is just what I am going to continue to do with the applications for credit I will undoubtedly get in the mail today.

Sayonara, credit, I don't need you anymore.

And that, I guess, is to my own credit.

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