Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rant #1,281: The Naked Truth

I almost have to laugh at those stupid, and I mean really stupid, Hollywood actresses who are now crying foul over the fact that nude pictures of them that were taken for supposedly private use have been made public.

Hackers got these photos off a cloud, which is basically a storage device which can be used to store, access and post data from computers, tablets, and phones.

Somehow and for whatever reason, these photos were stored on the cloud--actually, grounded super computers which can hold massive amounts of data--and hackers got wind of them and were able to access them, putting them up for everyone to see.

Among the hackees are Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence and blond bombshell Kate Upton.

But you know, I have to laugh at this aspect of what amounts to a serious breach that goes way beyond these photos.

Look, these are adults. If they want to take nude and/or compromising photos of themselves for their boyfriends or husbands or for themselves, that is fine.

But in the old days, they would whip out their Polaroid camera, take their photos, give them to their loved ones, and they would probably end up in a drawer somewhere, for their eyes only.

Today, with digital photography, taking a picture is just so easy, and the storage of these photos is another concern.

Rather than keep them on their cameras, or on their own personal computers, these photos ended up on a cloud, which is tantamount to putting these photos up on a town bulletin board.

Didn't these ladies realize that once the photos were put up on the Internet--even on a cloud--that they were open to be compromised?

What's on the Internet stays on the Internet, forever, and it becomes public, whether you want it that way or not.

And I just love their "innocent" harangues about this, pleading being the victim here and wondering how the photos got where they were.

Please, don't further show your own vain, ego-driven stupidity by opening up your mouth without dialogue written for you. You have shown how dumb you really are, and yes, a job at McDonald's is waiting for you if you ever need it.

So these photos, which might have been taken rather innocently to please their mates, are now fodder for everyone to see.

And that is something that I can really laugh about, how stupid these people were in doing what they did and storing these photos the way they did.

However, the more serious topic here is not these nude photos--which, of course, is so important in today's world, where celebrities are put on pedestals that are so high that they don't know when to get off of them--but the actual breach that these hackers caused.

Sure, photos like this are evidently stored on clouds, but so is medical data, social security information, personal information and the like.

If hackers can get nude photos off the cloud, then they almost certainly can get, let's say, medical records that your doctor put on the cloud, they can get your social security number that is being stored there, they can get other personal information that companies have stored there.

So it is way more important than nude photos; it is the breach of these clouds to get to more personal information that you don't even know is being stored there.

Sure, the experts says that passwords need to be made more involved and longer to thwart the hackers, but again, once it is on the Internet, it is open for anyone to hack and anyone to get, so that is far from being a solution.

It appears that once again when it has to do with the Internet, we have put the cart before the horse.

We have created a storage device without also creating a way to fully protect it from being compromised, if that even is something that can be actually done.

So watch what you put up on the Internet, even in storage, because if someone really wants it, they will get it.

And to all of us who are subject to having our personal data compromised, well, heaven help us all, because that information is out there for the hackers to get if they want to get it, whether we like it or not.

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