Thursday, September 4, 2014

Rant #1,282: Brock and Roll

Yes, the world of professional wrestling does literally exist in its own personal universe, and that universe has been shaken up by an unconfirmed announcement that WWE world heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar has a new contract ...

And one of the stipulations of that contract is that the WWE can use him when they want to use him, rather than use him on a part-time basis as before.

This is huge news for the company and for pro wrestling fans everywhere.

Lesnar is one of the most enigmatic characters ever to put on wrestling tights.

He is built like a fireplug from head to toe, and he seems to have been put on this earth for one reason: to wrestle and to cause complete havoc in that business.

A failure as a pro football tryout, Lesnar came to dominate the WWE some years ago, then left for mixed martial arts, where he was also quite successful, but his bread and butter is the WWE, and he returned a while back to state his case once again ... but only on a part time basis.

What this means in that unique WWE universe is that he was booked only on selected telecasts and/or pay-per-views, so he wasn't on every show, virtually being a part-time performer.

Yes, only in the WWE could this situation exist.

However, as a part timer, Lesnar continued to make his mark.

He silenced the Undertaker's impressive win streak at Wrestlemania, and just recently, he pummeled John Cena so mercilessly to take the heavyweight title that reports are that Cena is so banged up and bruised as to make him think of hanging up the tights sometime soon.

Lesnar is painted as almost the devil incarnate in the WWE, and I am sure he is being paid really well to be able to be used at an accelerated rate as he reportedly is now.

In 2014, pro wrestling is as hard to understand as ever.

It remains immensely popular, but it is kind of at a crossroads now.

It doesn't really have one figure that will draw the casual fan to watch it, or pay for it.

The WWE's stock recently took a tumble when potentially lucrative deals fell through, and the WWE Network is an enigma in itself, a great idea that a lot of people are paying for, but not enough right now to make it a success.

The No. 2 pro wrestling outfit, TNA, is teetering on falling off the face of the earth. Although its product is good, its delivery hasn't resonated with viewers, and Spike TV has reportedly dropped it, but with an interesting stipulation: it won't stop showing it until it finds another TV outlet.

So here we have Lesnar, who might be an ogre to some, but he might actually be the savior of professional wrestling if everything reported out there is true.

He is the one wrestling personality who can draw people to the WWE's shows, and now that he is supposedly in the fold, things seem to be looking up for the WWE and pro wrestling in general.

And as his manager, Paul Heyman, often says, the star of the show is ...


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