Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rant #1,229: Moving Onto the Next Step

As I told you yesterday, my son graduated from BOCES yesterday.

I have been to several graduations--my own and my kids' graduations--but I never experienced anything like this.

We barely got there. I left work early, but traffic was horrendous, at best.

It took me 40 minutes to get home, for a usual 20-minute trip. Then we had to get to C.W. Post and its Tilles Center performing arts venue, where the graduation was held.

That was also a trek, although we went against traffic, so it really wasn't that bad.

We got there, and my son went off with his graduating class.

The class was large, probably about 800 kids, but the energy in the room was stirred by the speakers, from the principal to the guest speakers.

Their vim and vigor during this graduation made it more of a pep rally than your standard graduation, and I kind of liked the change of pace.

It put a lot of electricity into the room, and it made for a very interesting time for all.

Each and every graduate was called up to the podium to receive a holder for their graduation certificate, which they received later on from their teachers.

After a few hours, it was over, and my son was a graduate of BOCES, the precursor to his high school graduation, which takes place this Sunday.

We drove home, got back about 10 p.m., stayed up for a while, and went to sleep, where I consequently overslept by a half hour.

I guess you get a sense of satisfaction when you have a graduate in your midst, and I just conked out last night.

Now, my son moves onto the next step. He has a few more days of classes in regular high school, then he has his graduation party Saturday, and then he becomes a high school graduate on Sunday.

Yes, this is pooping out myself and my wife, but it is a good pooping out. We are as proud as punch about our son, and we can't wait for this weekend.

Even though he doesn't show it, I think he is a bit proud of himself, too.

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