Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rant #1,234: Bursting With Pipe

Yes, I am still bursting with pride with my son.

I can now say that he is a high school graduate.

But last week was such a busy week.

My wife and I were also bursting with pipe last week.

Why, do you ask?

Because our dishwasher broke, and evidently, it was so far gone that it was releasing water into the crevices of the walls and ...

The downstairs part of the house was the recipient, with water leaking from the ceiling and water all over the place.

It took plumbers a while to find the leak. Originally they said it might be from our bathroom, namely the bath tub.

But once they did a more thorough investigation, they found that the motor of the dishwasher wasn't working properly, and it was allowing water to get where it should not be, building up in the wall and, finally, collapsing the ceiling.

Luckily, it only damaged about three feet of ceiling downstairs, but it left an unsightly hole in the ceiling that had to be fixed.

We were told on Tuesday that the dishwasher was the cause of this catastrophe, so after work on that day, my wife and I rushed out to our local appliance place and bought a dishwasher in haste.

I guess I am used to such purchases, since I pretty much bought my car in haste too.

I don't think we were in the store for more than a half hour before making this purchase. We took the cheapest one we could find under a good name--Amana--and we ordered it in black.

We were told that it would come on Thursday ...

And it did, the only problem being that it came in white, not black as we had wanted.

I got a call at work about this, and I guess since my car is white too--I wanted a darker colored car, but settled for what they had in stock--I agreed to the white dishwasher.

It is OK, I guess. I don't get too excited at dishwashers, and like everyone else, I certainly hate to unload it when it needs to be taken care of.

So that was one crack in the ceiling, literally, in a week that really was incredible.

And yes, before I wrote this Rant today, I emptied the dishwasher, so I gave this column the full "dishwasher effect" today.

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