Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rant #1,230: Nuns Stripped of Their Sanity

Moving back to the news, truth often is stranger than fiction.

I related to you a few months back about a pregnant nun, a woman of God who had no idea how she got pregnant, but here she was, with a nice baby bump, and ready to spill ... err ... the beans.

Here is another nun story, not as strange, but interesting.

A group of nuns is suing to shut down a strip club in an Illinois suburb which they say is sited too close to their convent for their own sanity.

The Missionary Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo Scalabrinians (not pictured) say in the suit that Club Allure is too close to their Stone Park convent, with all the lights and noise emanating from the club having ruined their peace.

Not only are they kept up at night by the neon lights and the thumping music, but they have witnessed fights right on their street, and what's worse, they have found condoms littering the area.

The suit, filed against the club and Stone Park, states that Club Allure violates state law against operating adult businesses within 1,000 feet of a school or house of worship.

The club is also near private homes, and a couple of neighbors have joined the suit.

Personally, I think that the nuns have a real beef here. Didn't the village realize that putting a strip club so close to a nunnery would cause a problem like this?

There have been other incidents like this that have occurred during the past few years. I know that right here on Long Island, several adult businesses have had to close or relocate due to their proximity to schools and churches.

Again, my whole problem with these things is not that the businesses have a right to operate--they do--but their placement. Where are the towns and villages when the papers are filed to open up such a business? Why don't those authorities that cover real estate usage in these municipalities see that there will be a problem with such businesses opening where they are, so close to these other venues?

Namely, why are they allowed to open in the first place where they are? Again, they have a right to operate, but so close to schools and churches? Why aren't these things nipped in the bud before a situation arises?

I guess there is still sanctity in this world, where people walk around half undressed and don't think other people should be staring at them, where curse words and negative words are bandied about as if they were bubblegum, and where no subject is taboo.

Get rid of that club so the nuns can have their sanity back. But the club should not be shut down, simply moved to a better location.

It seems to be a popular place for those who like this type of entertainment, so a move won't cause it to lose too many customers; they will simply follow the club as it moves to its new, better positioned location.

Then everyone is happy, right? The nuns get their peace and quiet back, and the strip club gets its piece of the dollar-laden pie, just somewhere else.

Perhaps it can even book that formerly pregnant nun for some appearances ...

No, at this point, I am sure she is all booked up at the moment, still trying to figure out how she got that way in the first place.

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