Friday, June 27, 2014

Rant #1,237: "Evil" Personified

If you want to see the most "evil" character on TV, don't watch any of the dramas, because you won't see that person in action.

Don't watch any of the soap operas, because she doesn't do her "evil" deeds on those shows.

You have to watch any of the wrestling shows put on by the WWE, and you will see that person in the flesh:

Stepahnie McMahon.

Yes, the daughter of the legendary Vince McMahon has taken over her father's show, and she is as dastardly as he was, if not more so.

She comes on as a very pretty girl--yes, she has had, let's say, refinements, but she was good looking before she had the work done--but when she opens up her mouth, it is pure McMahon.

She appears--often with her husband, legendary wrestler Triple H--as the evil characters who run the wrestling empire, and they let you know at every turn who they are, what they are, and how much money--and power--they have.

McMahon appears to be the more evil character in this "Best For Business" mode, because again, she comes on like this pretty little thing, but while she is pretty, she is far from innocent.

When she is berating someone, verbally attacking someone, or firing someone, you see that old McMahon fire.

And when she screeches, "You're fired! you hear that old McMahon zest that her dad personified for all these years.

Whether you like wrestling or not, you probably have seen Stephanie McMahon around. She has become the ubiquitous "face" of the WWE, on all the talk shows, in all the TV media, even covered by the mainstream media.

The WWE backs many mainstream causes, including the fight against breast cancer and the Special Olympics.

And when they need a spokesperson to the media, it is Stephanie McMahon who represents the company.

It is a changing of the guard, because Vince McMahon, for various reasons, has taken a back seat to his daughter, and to his son in law, the parents of his grandchildren.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H (real name: Paul Levesque) are real-life executives of the company, and they are having more of a say so on matters pertaining to the company, and will take WWE into the future with their decisions.

Stephanie McMahon has been a major part of the WWE for years, first as a performer, and now as a performer/executive.

And like her dad, when she is on TV, she likes to show her authority, but usually gets it in the end, embarrassing herself because it is "Best For Business."

Just the other day, she supposedly fired long-time WWE employee Vicki Guerrero over some insipidness.

This was fully planned, it was well known that Guerrero wanted to move on, but they decided to milk this until the cows came home, and they did.

The storyline was that Guerrero would have to fight to get her job back against a number of female competitors, including McMahon.

In a nutshell, what happened is that the fight basically took place in a mud bath, Guerrero ended up losing, but in the end, this one-time most hated personality in the WWE got the crowd's sympathy in her exit, because somehow, she ended up throwing Stephanie McMahon into the mud, which everybody absolutely loved.

Stephanie McMahon is the wrestling world's biggest heal at this point in time, and she plays the character to the hilt.

So if you want to see "evil," more pretend and fun evil than anything else, watch her at work.

It might not make you a professional wrestling fan, but I guarantee it will make you a fan of Stephanie McMahon, the most evil character on TV today.

And if you don't get it, well then ...

"You're fired!"

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