Monday, June 23, 2014

Rant #1,233: "Dance Like No One Is Watching ... "

That is what the valedictorian at my son's high school graduation said yesterday in his speech, and yes, he is right.

Do what you need to do to get where you are going, and you will be fine.

That was really the theme of the day.

You have to do your own thing, to a certain extent, to make it today, whether your next step is college, or in my son's case, the job market.

Specifically about the graduation, it was a great evening.

Yes, it was held in the later afternoon into early evening, and yes, I am pretty much bushed today as I am typing this, after experiencing the busiest week of my life last week.

Every day, I had something to do after work. Then on the weekend, we had my son's graduation party, and then yesterday, the actual graduation.

Two graduations in one week can try anybody's soul, but we all seemed to come out of it OK.

Now it is back to reality.

My son needs to find a permanent, full-time job, and it isn't going to be easy.

Those supposedly "improving" employment numbers are a facade. We all know that. There are people who have been out of work three, four, five or more years who aren't counted anymore.

There are also millions who are part-time employed, who had been full-time employed, because that is all they can get.

There are still more who have taken jobs beneath their actual capacities, because that is all that is open to them.

My son is going for a full-time, entry level job. He has a disability, which is going to make it all that much more difficult.

I have done what I could to help him. I have applied for all the pertinent programs. He is being tested in September by one of those organizations, to see what he can do and can't do.

I don't expect he will get a full-time job until the fall, maybe later.

He still applies for jobs on his own, but it is very, very difficult to do this without an organization to back him up.

He has a summer job, at his old camp, Thank God. At least it will keep him busy during the summer, for two months, but my wife and I do worry about the other 10 months.

But we weren't worried yesterday. We put all that aside, and we are quite proud of him and his accomplishments.

What a great weekend, and past week, that he had.

Two diplomas in one week. You can't beat that.

Now for the next phase of his life.

I just hope there is somebody out there that will give him a chance.

I can guarantee you that they won't be sorry for doing it.

He is a good kid, smart in his own way, and he has always done his best.

Let's see what happens.

But right now, all I can say is congratulations. We are super proud of you!

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