Friday, January 3, 2014

Rant #1,115: We Done Got Hit!

Yes, with snow, and a lot of it.

I have just come in from the outside, where I shoveled for about a half hour, and also tried to dig my car and my wife's car out of the muck.

And it is still snowing.

We must have a couple of inches on the ground, and more will be coming as the day goes on.

Neither my wife nor I know if we have to report to work today.

My wife works in a bank, and they have a system of checks and balances when it comes to a day like this.

My work has absolutely no system in place at all for weather disturbances, which, of course, puts me and everybody who works there in a ridiculous situation.

Do I go in or do I not go in? That is the question, Shakespeare.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention, it is also about 10 degrees out now, which is making everything that much worse.

Frankly, I don't even know if I can maneuver the streets with my car.

My wife has a Jeep, so she should have no problem.

Me, I have a Kia. Yes, I might have a problem.

What to do?

Who's on first, I don't know on's second ... sorry Bud and Lou, I had to do it.

So have fun today wherever you are.

I know that I will--I have had so much fun since 4:30 this morning, the rest of the day should be snow much better!

Pun intended.

(Here is the deal, which shows more about the state of business today than anything else. My wife calls her work hotline, which tells her that her bank is open today. So she manages to get out of our driveway, and goes off to work. While she is slipping and sliding on the road, she gets a call on her cell phone that her place is not opening until 11 a.m., so she came home--in one piece, but as angry as can be. My place, well, they simply don't care about anyone. I called up at 6 a.m. because one guy sleeps over there (don't ask). I told them I am having trouble, and they should call me back about whether we are open or not. I got outside later, and not only can't I get my car out of the driveway, but my windshield wipers are frozen solid. So I call back again, telling them my predicament, and to this moment, I don't know whether we are open or not. But without the ability to get out of my driveway nor clear off my windows of the still-coming snow with my wipers, I couldn't get there if I wanted to. And yes, there is a snow emergency on the streets, so why is anybody even contemplating driving around this morning to begin with?)

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