Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Rant #1,127: "My" Random Thoughts

Perhaps if the Professor was still around, he could figure out the weather that we are supposed to get later today and into tomorrow.

Here on Long Island, we are supposed to get six to 12 inches of the white stuff.

Yesterday, the predictions went from four inches to six to up to 12 pretty quickly.

I haven't heard the weather news today yet, but it would not surprise me if we got another maybe three or four inches added onto that.

(I later heard the weather, and yes, we could get 14 inches of snow today into tomorrow.)

And yes, with shovel in hand, I will go out, clean the walks, and try to extricate our cars from the snow.

Snow is me!

Some random thoughts for today:

My car, my car: The story goes that I got my car back last week, as it was finally fixed after that altercation I had with the metal garbage can.

Everything is hunky dory. I have my car and I am back in one piece, as is the car.

Then on Thursday, I got out to the car, click to have the door open so I can get inside, reach for the handle, and VOILA!, it breaks off into my hand.

This weekend, I had scheduled maintenance at the dealer set anyway, but what is this going to cost me?

I already spent a bundle on fixing the car the first time, and once again, for something totally stupid, I have to fix the car again, as I can't open the door on the passenger side without the handle.

My team, my team: The Knicks of the NBA are truly an awful mess. Many injuries, bad trades, and generally poor personnel have completely ruined this season, and yesterday, they dropped the Martin Luther King Day game to the also lowly but moving up fast Brooklyn Nets, a team on the rise.

The Knicks are completely awful, and they are going to have to decide very soon if they keep their one star player, Camelo Anthony, or get rid of him and get something in return.

See, Anthony started the ruinous path earlier this season by declaring that he would go the free agent route after the season, and open himself up to the highest bidder and/or best deal or situation for himself.

It made a stable team wobbly, and they haven't righted themselves yet, and perhaps won't be able to do so this season.

If you saw his expression on the bench yesterday (not the one in the photo) as the Knicks were getting pasted again, well, pictures speak a thousand words.

I said before that the Knicks' season ended during that game that my son and I actually witnessed in person, the 41-point dumping that they got at the hands of the even more awful Celtics.

Well, it is time to make a decision, and the time is to trade Anthony for something palatable. Forget about this season, and build on something for next year and the future ... like getting a few number one draft picks, which they don't have due to bad deals.

"Oh My My": That was the A side of the last official Monkees single on Colgems Records that came out in 1970. It was sort of a mix of bubblegum and soul, a good attempt to resurrect their hit-making potential, but barely scraped into the Hot 100 and died a quick death.

With only two Monkees left at the time--both Mike Nesmith and Peter Tork had already bolted--there wasn't much to the Monkees then anyway, and with their album "Changes" also bombing, that was the end ... until 1986, when due to MTV exposure, the Pre-Fab Four were resuscitated from their slumber and became big all over again.

The only reason I bring this up is that 1) it goes with this "My" theme here, and 2) the single entered the charts on June 6, 1970. Twenty-three years later, on June 6, 1993, my wife and I married.

My wife and our chart life lasted way longer than that single's chart life, and thank God for that!

I have run out of random thoughts, and my oh my, I will speak to you again tomorrow.

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