Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Rant #1,128: Snow More!

This will be a shorter column today because I have to go out and shovel.

Yes, we got hit again!

I don't know how much we got, but we got!

Yesterday, with the snow coming down earlier than anticipated--by early morning, not the afternoon as had been predicted--just about every school and many businesses closed on Long Island.

Heck, my business even let us out at 1 p.m., which, in my nearly 18 years there, is a first.

Driving was horrid. I was going like 20 miles an hour on the Wantagh Parkway, and getting off the parkway, going much less than that, I hit an ice patch and did a nearly 360-degree fishtail.

Thank goodness no cars were nearby when this happened.

It took me only twice as long to get home--I know that for some people, the commute was not minutes, but many, many hours.

I looked out the window this morning, and the snow has stopped. It looks like we were plowed. All of our cars are in the driveway, so all we have to do is clean them off.

The problem is that it is bitter cold out, in the single digits and feeling lower with the wind chill.

My son has off from school today--in New York City, where they did not get hit as hard, the schools are open--and I do not know what lies ahead for my wife and I as far as work.

I have provided a few photos of how my main route--the aforementioned Wantagh Parkway--looks right now, and it does look like there has been some work done on it.

I did take some work home, so it is not like I will be staring at the walls here, but let me go out and shovel and see just what the real damage is.

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