Friday, January 10, 2014

Rant 1,120: Twin Peaks

Well, maybe I did indulge myself yesterday, maybe not.

You decide.

I belong to a site on Facebook where people talk about classic television, whether it is sitcoms, Westerns, dramas, cartoons, or whatever.

A fellow member of this group posted the following: "Have you ever been told that you look like a classic TV show actor or actress?"

Everybody supposedly has a twin somewhere in the world. In fact, back in my younger days, I was friendly with a guy named Jay who you would swear was related to me. We looked quite a bit alike.

Anyway, back to that post ...

The floodgates opened, and many people claimed that they looked like this actor or actress, everyone from Sally Field to Broderick Crawford!

Most people probably didn't look anything like those they thought they looked like, but it was fun reading the responses.

Anyway, I answered the question too, of course.

I said--and this is true--that when I was younger and had hair, several people said I looked like Dustin Hoffman. I never thought I did, but some people thought I did.

Sort of Dustin Hoffman plus several inches in height.

I also said that today, with my bald head in place and a bit paunchier, I look like a less verbose Richard Deacon.

But then, I also added to my post.

I said, that my wife told me many times that when she was younger, people said that she was a dead ringer for Adrienne Barbeau.

I didn't have any older photos handy of my wife when she was in her 20s. I have known her for less than 25 years, so when I met her, she was in her early to mid 30s, just like I was.

So I put together a more recent photo of her, taken about two or three years ago, with a recent photo of Barbeau, also taken that recently, and Voila!, I had my match.

I am letting you take a peak at these, and what do you think?

I didn't think that she looked like Barbeau--the heart throb of many teenage boys in the 1970s as Carol on "Maude," and honestly, the only reason(s) that I watched the show, if you know what I mean--but looking at these photos, there is something of a resemblance, top to bottom I would say.

And some people have agreed with me!

Barbeau's character was not only extremely sexy, but she was a headstrong character, a champion of women's rights and sort of a younger version of Maude, who she often clashed with about one thing or another.

She was also the sexiest lady on TV at the time, the first female character that I can remember who wore halter tops on a semi-regular basis--and filled them very well indeed.

Anyway, so I did indulge myself after all.

Did I marry the ersatz twin of a female TV star or a sexy person on her own?

After being married more than 20 years now, I would say definitely the latter.

My wife is sexy as hell, is her own person, and man, did I get lucky the second time around!

So while I will still occasionally tune into "Maude" just to see Ms. Barbeau's charming assets, I have a charmer sitting right next to me ...

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Like I said, after all is said and done, I am a really lucky guy.

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