Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Rant #1,122: Pizza By the Slice

Yes, I finally got my car back. I just about feel whole now.

Anyway, I can now drive my car to the closest Pizza Hut and get a pizza.

What is new and revolutionary is that if a test program goes according to plan, I now can get pizza by the slice at the national chain.

Yes, Pizza Hut is selling pizza by the slice in order to one up its rivals, including Papa John's, Domino's and, of course, local pizzerias. It is doing this at two out-of-the-way stores, and if all goes well, the program could roll out nationally.

That is all fine and good, but remember, I am from New York, and there is only one pizza here that is worth its weight in cheese and sauce--and that is the product put out by our local, seemingly on every corner, pizzerias.

I was weaned on our local pizza outlet, which was known as King George Pizza, and when I was a kid, I learned early on what "good" pizza is. There was none better than King George, but as an adult, I have had many different pizzas from many different places, and while not all of them are top-notch, the local pizzerias have that local flavor--both inside and outside their pies--that make their offerings extra special.

The major chains' fare is OK, but it almost seems manufactured compared to the local pizzas.

Heck, if I wanted one like that, I would just go to the local supermarket and buy a frozen pizza.

I know that New York isn't everywhere, and in Idaho or Montana, your best option would probably be Pizza Hut.

But in my neck of the woods, the local pizzeria's pizza is so much better than Pizza Hut's pizza that it really isn't funny.

Pizza Hut came to my area in the 1980s, but didn't stay around long.

When you have a pizzeria on every corner, the competition is incredible, and most people here would much rather go for the local pizza than the national pizza.

They came back during the last 10 years, but usually in combination with other fast food enterprises, mainly Taco Bell on Long Island.

They don't sell the larger pizzas, just pan pizza and bread sticks.

So, while I think there are larger Pizza Huts on Long Island, most probably won't even participate in this promotion if it goes national, because they don't sell larger pizza.

But in the aforementioned Idaho and Montana, this probably is really big news. You don't have to buy a whole pizza anymore if you don't want to, and I guess Pizza Hut is falling in line with the norm in local pizzerias, that you can just buy a slice or two if you like.

Is this just another gimmick from Pizza Hut, the home of pizza gimmicks, or are they really changing their business plan, going for a more "local" style rather than their national style that has been successful around most of the country and the the world for decades?

I don't know, but to me, the pizza will taste the same, by the pie or by the slice.

This is making me hungry. Let me look up the local pizzeria's number and maybe get a pizza from them later on.

Is there any other pizza to me? No, sorry Pizza Hut, you just don't measure up, by the pie or by the slice.

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